From the mainland to Ischia

By plane

The nearest airport is Naples Capodichino connected to the port with the alibus at the cost of 5 Euro. If you prefer to take a taxi, we recommend you pay the predetermined price of 21 Euro. Once you get in the car, the taxi driver must issue the receipt.

By train

The nearest railway station is Naples Central connected to the port with the alibus at the cost of 5 Euro.

Another good option is metro line 1 at the cost of 1.10 Euro, Municipio stop. Since there currently are some construction sites in the area, you may have to walk longer to get the landing stage. Otherwise, you can take a taxi for around 12 Euro, depending on the taximeter.

By car

If you come by car, leave the motorway at Pozzuoli, especially if you are coming from the north, the maritime passage from the Pozzuoli Port is cheaper. You can buy the ticket at Ischia Port or Casamicciola. Maronti is about 9 km from the Port of Ischia and about 12 from Casamicciola.

Ferries and hydrofoils

From Naples, you can reach Ischia by ferries and hydrofoils.

Ferries, which are cheaper and slower, sail from Calata Porta di Massa and are an ideal option for people suffering from seasickness and those who want to enjoy the seascape from the ferry deck.

Hydrofoils, which are more expensive and faster, are only for passengers (an extra fee is required for luggage). Departure from Molo Beverello. They are an excellent option for people who are excited to get to Ischia.

A free shuttle service links the two terminals.

If you are not coming by car, Ischia Port is the best option; otherwise, once on the island, you should take two buses.

For information about maritime transport timetables from Naples and Pozzuoli, please visit the following links.

From Ischia Port to Maronti

Once you have arrived at the Port of Ischia, take bus line 5 from the terminal to the end of the line, Ischia Port – Maronti.
Line 5 is the only option since the other lines go to different places in Barano the municipality to which Maronti belongs. It is very important to reach the terminal. We do not recommend getting off the bus at Testaccio and take the road since we are at the other end.

You can take a taxi and ask to be taken to Maronti at the cost of 25-30 Euro. In the case, since the taxi driver does not know our B&B (after all we are a small structure) you can ask him to call us, we will give the information needed.

If you come by car and you follow your GPS, you’ll get lost! The last road you must take is via Provinciale Maronti.If you need further information along the way, call us, and we will be delighted to help you.

From Maronti to Casa Antonio

If you have light luggage, once at Maronti, at the end of via Provinciale Maronti, bus line 5 terminal, you can follow the instructions in the special video we made for you.

If you have heavy luggage, call us, we put at your disposal a special crawler. It is a free transport service!

You can reach us only on foot, walking along a perfectly restored ancient mule track made up of wide steps. Since we are not reachable by car, or even by a scooter, there is no parking. The nearest is 200 meters from our structure, and it is at extra costs. Given its location, Casa Antonio is not for those who do not like walking or giving up high heels.

Casa Antonio


This is the ideal place for people who want to a quiet holiday, away from city streets. It can be reached on foot, along a perfectly restored ancient mule track made up of wide steps.

We offer bed and breakfast: we start the day with freshly baked bread, homemade jams, a good coffee or a tea made from local lemons. For lunch and dinner, you can eat at one of the many local restaurants.

The house is located on a hill about 40 meters above sea level, with a beautiful view on Maronti beach (150 meters away) and on Sant'Angelo Bay, about 250 meters from the bus stop and the spa facilities.


via Giorgio Corafà, 30
80072 Barano d'Ischia, (NA) Italia

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